It was snowing in the mall.

I stood outside the mall looking in last week, and I thought they had done a beautiful job with their Christmas decorations.

It looked like it was snowing in the mall, which made it a winter wonderland.

I walked in to purchase my wife a Christmas present, and I realized the snowflakes weren’t a decoration. It really was snowing inside. As much as I hated to do it, I walked up to customer service and asked if they had an HVAC technician coming to fix the snow. She told me she didn’t know, but they had a mass exodus because of the sudden drop in temperatures. I waited while she talked to the manager, and she said they had contacted the local HVAC company. About that time, my work phone buzzed. The HVAC company was calling me to repair the heating system. I had to laugh at the irony, but I wasn’t ready to work. I didn’t have any tools with me, and I had driven my personal car to the mall. I explained this to the dispatcher, and she told me to hurry and get my stuff. The mall was losing business because of the furnace. I told the woman at the customer service desk that I was the HVAC technician, and I would return in five minutes. She told me it better be a fast five minutes, because the snow was beginning to pile up. I ran out of the store, and almost fell in the snow, but I got the furnace repaired in record time, and they still had two hours before closing time.



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