It wasn’t so funny when I got soot on our face.

When I first moved into this house, there was a coal furnace in the basement.

My mom had laughed and told me how much of a mess you had with coal, even though I could not afford to buy a newer furnace immediately.

I had to repair the furnace every morning to add coal to the coal hopper, so I had heat all day long. When I got home, the house was toasty warm, and I didn’t need to repair the fire until night time. I enjoyed the heat that came from our old coal furnace, but it was too much work. I worked twelve hours a day, and I just wanted to get back home, eat our dinner, and go to bed. The only time I had to myself was on Monday and Thursday, when I didn’t have to work. I stuck with the coal furnace for the 1st year I lived in the house, and then I bought a up-to-date HVAC system. What made me choose so soon was that I walked out of the house with soot on our face. I didn’t recognize that it was there until I heard someone laughing and saw them pointing at me. I could not work in the hospital when I had coal dirt on our face, and reeked of coal dirt. I didn’t care about being laughed at, either. I called the HVAC corporation and told them that I needed a ductless HVAC plan in our house. It took me a couple of weeks to have a day off from my task when they could install the up-to-date system, but it was worth it. I didn’t have any more coal dirt in our house, and the heating was better than anything I had ever experienced before. I also now had A/C without needing to put an AC unit sitting in the window.


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