It’s funny how no one thinks I’m more than a homemaker.

I no longer physically go inside the HVAC corporation office to do any work, but my partner Max is the director of the HVAC corporation and he runs most of it from the office.

I owned this HVAC corporation when I met Max. He came on as an HVAC serviceman numerous years after I took over running the HVAC corporation from our father. Max was great with being an HVAC service tech and the director of the other service techs, and I enjoyed his wanting to stay behind the lines. I enjoyed being an HVAC service tech, but when our father provided to sell me the corporation, I could not refuse. I hoped that one day I would have a son who wanted to be an HVAC serviceman. At that time, I would supply the HVAC corporation over to the kid, and he could run it. Now that I am staying in my house more because our wish for a son came true, people have forgotten that I am the real owner of the HVAC corporation, last week, I made an appearance and headed back to the office. The secretary stopped me as I walked in the door and asked if I had company with Max. I laughed and told him I was the owner and wanted to talk to Max. I could see his face turn red when I told his who I was. It was time for me to come into the offices more often now that our son was in school, and maybe I could get back into doing some HVAC tasks again. I was getting bored kneeling in my house all day, and I missed working.

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