The stinky aroma of fried fish seemed to be everywhere.

I like fried fish, even though I don’t care about smelling the fried fish in our home, almost three afternoons after all of us ate it.

I tried different cover-ups for the smell, but nothing worked.

When the fruity fragrance of the spray dissipated, I was still catching the aroma of fish again. There is nothing worse than the aroma of old fish. I knew I needed a new air purification plan to help keep the bad aromas out of our house. Last week, I called the local HVAC corporation and asked what it would cost to have a whole-house air purification plan installed. They sent an HVAC service tech to the house to check out our HVAC system. It’s funny that I never realized how many different things had to be right with the HVAC plan before they could install a whole house sized air purification system. I had to have a newer HVAC plan if I needed the air purification plan to task properly. They wanted to see if I just wanted the HEPA air filter, or if I wanted a UV light. I didn’t recognize what the UV light was used for, or if it was needed. I laughed when I told Jenny all the questions they asked about the HVAC plan before all of us could discuss the air purification system. Two hours into a discussion with the HVAC service tech, I knew I would not get the whole house air purification plan for the house. The cost and labor involved was crazy, and I thought a portable air purification plan would do just as well. Jenny agreed with me and told me he would go along with whatever I decided.

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