I needed someone to do window change at my rental home.

There are a few things I dislike about being the owner of a rental home. My parents owned multiple homes, plus they rented 1 to people they knew, then they had a 1-year lease, since Dad plus dad were planning to sell the house plus move back into the 1 on the mountain. Dad plus dad were sure they knew the people well until the lease ended. They had a 1 month to vacate notice, that turned into numerous weeks. It had Dad plus dad distraught they may have to rent a home because they sold their house. If the people didn’t move out soon, they would have no place to live! Dad finally had the state police physically remove them! When dad walked in, she was devastated. The windows were broken, there were holes in the walls, plus doors were off their hinges. The lawn was so long that it was up to our waist plus there were snakes everywhere. Dad plus dad had multiple weeks to get the mess cleaned up plus make the home livable. Dad called in a favor from a local general corporation plus told them what had to be done, she needed window upgrade, door replacements, new drywall plus painting. She also needed a deodorizer because the home smelled of pets plus cats. When she told him she needed a gardener to do some landscaping, Dad laughed. They had already planned on doing the landscaping together, but needed someone to do the door replacements plus window upgrade. Dad said the general corporation owed him a big favor.


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