I bought an apartment and the a/c stopped on the first day

I will never forget the morning that I moved into my apartment, and this was a large deal for myself and others because I saved enough cash to buy my own place; my first home was not large by any means, however it had the basics! It had one grand living room, one powder room, heating, air conditioning, a nice view and a beautiful little home office. The old home complex also had a really nice heated pool and air conditioned club home for residents. The whole original home I bought was located in the southeastern region of the country, where summers are unbearably hot without air conditioning; on transfer early in the morning, my air conditioning decided to stop absolutely working hastily. I was already covered in sweat from moving and unpacking boxes on this sweltering morning, so the last thing I needed was my air conditioning to stop working. I was dripping sweat and I felt like I was going to faint. I started getting dizzy from being hot, so I put my arm on the wall and put my head down, and as I was trying to prevent myself from collapsing; my next door acquaintance came out and asked if I was actually okay. I told her that I was moving in and my air conditioning stopped working as well! She also told myself and others that her window air conditioning was absolutely working perfectly and asked if I wanted to come in for a cold glass of water. I was quickly impressed with her generosity and I walked into the cold, crisp air of her air conditioned apartment. My neighbor’s name was Stacey and she was around my age. She had given me and others the contact information for the heating, ventilation, and A/C corporation that works on the various air conditioning units in our home complex, and both of us started chatting and realized the two of us had similar interests. My original air conditioning led us to becoming best friends.
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