My parents didn’t want me to marry an HVAC technician

I grew up in a very affluent area; my father is an investment banker plus my mother is a lawyer. I am used to the finer things in life that many people don’t get to experience, such as another giant home with radiant radiant floors plus a heated pool! We went on many holidays every year plus my family never really stressed about money. My parents regularly told me and others that they wanted myself and others to marry rich 1 afternoon so I can continue my lifestyle. I regularly thought they were kidding around until I met my fiance, Joe; however, Joe has been working as an actual heating plus A/C serviceman for 10 years… She is passionate about her job because she likes to help people with their heating plus cooling needs. Joe plus I met when my a/c stopped working in my house. I noticed how handsome she was of course; however, she was so kind plus that is what made myself and others the most interested in him. Joe plus I have been together for many years plus she recently proposed. She could not afford to get myself and others a large diamond ring because her job as an actual heating plus A/C serviceman does not actually pay enough for that. I did not love having a large ring, I was just so glad to finally marry Joe. However, my parents were not thrilled when the people I was with and I got engaged. My Dad kept saying that I should marry someone who does something more important than just fixing a/c all afternoon. I also tried to explain to my Dad that Joe’s job is very important as an actual heating plus A/C serviceman, not having a/c or heat can be life or death in some situations plus she definitely helps people. My dad also wants me and others to marry a rich person, however I will marry my preferred heating plus A/C serviceman.
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