I don’t want to work for my parent in HVAC

Although I wanted to be an actual heating and A/C professional; I didn’t want to work with our dad, but I knew how dad ran her heating and A/C supplier and I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to work for him… Her heating and A/C professionals were excellent, and their buyers were glad; however it had nothing to do with dad.

  • She was a tyrant and often berated her heating and A/C professionals in front of each other and buyers.

I went to an actual heating and A/C professional’s college, and I was at the top of our class. Dad tried to tell the lecturer that she was the one behind our success, however I didn’t really believe the lecturer trusted him. She told our dad I graduated at the head of the class because of our difficult work and dedication. She said I was going to make an excellent heating and A/C professional with a bit of guidance. Dad slapped myself and others on the back and said I would get all the guidance I needed once I came to work for him… Then after the ceremony was over, the lecturer asked myself and others to stay behind for a moment. She literally asked if I was interested in an apprenticeship in her heating and A/C supplier. She also understood if I wanted to work for our dad, however the option was open. I jumped at the chance to work for our lecturer. I was confident she knew our dad’s reputation, just from the way she eyed him up when she said she would provide myself and others guidance. I didn’t actually believe I would work in heating and A/C for genuinely long if I had to simply work with our dad.


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