Our biggest room warms up in the afternoons

Our great room really heats up in the afternoons whenever the sunshine starts to set.

Whoever built our apartment really wasn’t thinking when they aimed the immense picture window in the study room to the west, however now, every time the sunshine starts to set, the night sunshine streams in plus that whole room starts heating up like crazy.

It’s not that excruciating while in the winter, but we do have to turn the oil furnace down in the days because the apartment gets to be a little bit too toasty for most people to stand. The people I was with and I regularly have to turn the gas lock fireplace off in the day because it gets too warm in that room. I think the last time I inspected, the temperature in the room got to be up to 69 degrees while in the night when the sunshine was streaming at… Don’t even get myself and others started on how excruciating it is while in the Summer time, though! You would not believe how terribly warm it gets to be in the great room while in the summer. The a/c that we have in the apartment does not even begin to touch it… You would think that we did not even have central a/c in the house, because that room starts heating up in the day plus it does not cool off until after the sunshine goes down! I entirely think we are really going to have to do something about it. It’s really a nuisance, plus I assume we are just going to have to call our local Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier to see if they have any advice for us.

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