He remembered the first time he put in an A/C unit.

I was talking to our dad last week, and I told him I had finally passed our Heating & Air Conditioning certification test… Grandpa came into the room and congratulated me.

He took dad and I into the basement where he was currently living, and headed to the backroom.

He brought out an outdated tool bin and handed it to me. He said they were his original Heating & Air Conditioning tools. I didn’t suppose Grandpa was an Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman! No a single ever hinted at it. I was surprised our dad hadn’t told myself and others Grandpa was an Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman. Grandpa was talking about the first time he repaired an air conditioning unit. He said he had never seen a single, however he had l received about them in school. They were much larger back then than they are now. He said they were noisy and only cooled the room it was in, and just a part of it, but people were ecstatic to get a single, but up until then, they had A/C in stores and movie theaters. If you were fortunate enough to be rich, you may be able to have air conditioning in your house, but it didn’t happen often. He was called into the office as soon as he got into the Heating & Air Conditioning office. They told him he was to go to the new restaurant, and install an air conditioning device in the dining room. He said it was the closest he had gotten to an air conditioning, and he was so distraught and anxious, that he almost forgot to take his tools in with him; Dad was smiling, and I assume I was in shock, still trying to figure out why no a single had told myself and others Grandpa was an Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman.

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