I demonstrate how to change out an air filter for our bestie

I recently had a large argument with our bestie.

It’s the first time that we have had a major argument in our relationship.

These things are bound to eventually happen, as well as it’s better to just get it all out as well as work through it then just rest as well as stew! Well, we came to an understanding, but I suppose that I was a little severe with our words. I wanted to remind our bestie that I savor his no matter what, so I purchased some nice flowers for her. When I went to his apartment to present them to her, he came to the door as well as a wave of heat met myself and others as he opened it. It turns out that he was having some extreme issues with his cooling system. She looked appreciate a warm mess, no pun intended. She appreciated the flowers, but I can tell he was angry because of the cooling system not working. Heating as well as air conditioning repair was something that never certainly came up before. Instinctively, I went to check on his air filter. When I pulled the air filter out, I almost gagged as well as I had to cough because of how much dirt as well as dander had choked it up! When he asked myself and others what I was doing as well as why the thing I was holding was so dirty, I knew it was time for a little education in Heating plus A/C, and once I explained what the air filter was as well as why it was pressing to change it out correctly, our bestie clearly felt a little embarrassed about the whole ordeal, however that has okay! You’ve got to learn sometime!


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