Things I have to do before my boy's birthday

Next month is my little boy’s birthday.

He turns 5 years old and it’s a large a single for sure.

I suppose a lot of the family is coming to see him. Some family members haven’t seen him in 2 or 3 years. I really don’t expect all the people to come out and see him though. Everyone has their lives and most of them have children much older than mine. Sitting at my work desk feeling my portable space furnace keeping my feet warm. I work in the office but their thermostat is not set to a liking for me. So I bring in my own. Some of my coworkers laugh and say my feet stink. I like the heat! I check my digital thermostat at cabin 3 times a morning. Once when I wake up, once when I get cabin and once before bedtime. That reminds me, I really have to schedule an Heating and Air Conditioning tech to come out and make sure both of us are golden for the winter. Actually I’m going to call the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation in a few hours. I don’t want to forget although knowing myself and others I won’t. I’m typically on top of things. While I’m at work I’m typically bored sitting at my desk asking for more work. I suppose that doesn’t go over well with my colleagues as they suppose I do too much and it makes them look bad. It’s not my fault that I’m harshly prepared and don’t lose focus in meaningless conversations. I really don’t like the hockey and football scores. I came here to work, make money and go cabin to my family.

New air conditioning