A faulty air conditioner that brought the house to almost freezing temperatures

It was a Friday evening, and I had invited my girlfriends for a sleepover.

  • We were to watch the last episode of our favorite show as it had come to an end.

We would eat later, play indoor board games, and then sleep. It has been such a good week. Two of my friends had started a business venture together, and I was promoted to senior air conditioning professional at my company. More than just screening the last episode of our show, we were also celebrating. The summer was at its peak, but my capable central air conditioner did not disappoint. It is the best it has behaved in the last several months. A few weeks ago, the climate control malfunctioned, which forced me to order a new digital thermostat from the air conditioning business downtown. My air conditioner was pretty young. The a/c setup had been done just ten years back. My friends arrived at the house at about half to seven as the screening started at seven. I had also recently changed the air conditioning filters all on my own, something that made me proud. The evening went great, but we were woken up by freezing temperatures in the middle of the night. We had to switch off the unit and book an appointment with the a/c repairman. I hope that we will not need a new air conditioning install system. The a/c repairs helped revive the unit. The a/c service determined that the heat exchanger burst, causing the unit to release frozen air for prolonged periods. Frequent a/c care saved us the hustle of buying a new unit.


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