I don’t know why the gas furnace won’t turn on in our van

I don’t know why the gas furnace won’t labor in our van all of a sudden. We have always had a really relaxing gas furnace in our van, and every one of us have never had a problem with it at all up until this point, but one of the reasons that every one of us purchased this van in the first locale was because of the fact that it had a really good gas furnace in it. We could care less about the a/c because it just doesn’t get all that boiling around here where every one of us live most of the time, and however, in the winter, the temperatures around here get to be below zero for weeks at a time, but that is not the kind of weather that you want to have to deal with without a working gas furnace in your van! We have little youngsters, too, so that makes the fact that the gas furnace isn’t working even worse. I know that there is some way to get it fixed, even though I don’t really know what it is. I have never had to deal with this kind of thing before in a vehicle. I do not really know whether I need to call a mechanic to see if they can fix the gas furnace or if I should just call an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. I know either a single of them could actually fix it, however the best bet is actually the mechanic. I don’t remember ever seeing an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier working on a vehicle outside! I am going to have to labor it out, though, because it’s too cold to be without a heater!


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