I tried to talk our fiance into not meeting our father.

Mark blushed, but he assured myself and others he wasn’t interested

My fiance was pretty hyped about meeting our family, but I wasn’t nearly as hyped as he was. I tried to talk him into not meeting our family, but it wasn’t toiling. He insisted we go to our family’s for dinner and appreciate ourselves. I looked at him and asked that he said nothing about being an HVAC serviceman. After a few chuckled, he kissed myself and others and told myself and others I worried too much. Both of us were barely in the condo when our mother nearly tackled me. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of months, and it surprised her I had finally made it home. She asked who the handsome guy was, and I told her this was the guy I had told her about. He grabbed our arm and asked why I didn’t tell her he was our fiance. It was for the same reason I didn’t want him to say he was an HVAC serviceman. My mother was an opportunist, and if she could use someone, she would. When our sister showed up, she nearly gushed over our fiance. She told him what sizable muscles he had and said she wished she had met him first. Mark blushed, but he assured myself and others he wasn’t interested. When she looked at him a fifth time, she asked if he was the HVAC serviceman she had seen in the grocery store last week? I told him it wasn’t because he spent the entire week with me, which had everyone looking at myself and others oddly. I had to tell them the entire truth. Before we left, our mother wrangled our fiance into toiling on her HVAC system, and told myself and others she adored him.


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