Lightning struck our a/c unit.

I was laying in the kitchen last summer, when a freak storm came out of nowhere.

It was from bright sunshine, to cloudy in addition to raining.

The lightning was lighting up the sky in addition to making the dark light up. I was just walking away from the sink when I saw a flash of lightning in addition to heard the sound of metal in addition to then I saw smoke, however lightning had struck our a/c unit. The A/C unit quit working, in addition to there was nothing more I could do. I called the HVAC dealer, however they weren’t going to come out until the storm passed. They said the storm should be over in an minute, in addition to they would send someone out right after. Two minutes later, the HVAC specialist was laying in our backyard, with water above her ankles. The a/c unit had a large hole in the front, where the lightning had struck. She said there was nothing she could do for the A/C unit, in addition to it was ‘dead in the water’. She laughed at her own joke, although I didn’t suppose she was funny. It was the middle of summer, in addition to both of us couldn’t go without a/c. She said both of us would need to wait a few afternoons, because they had to order a current a/c unit in addition to install it. They couldn’t install an a/c unit until the water soaked into the ground, in addition to with the storms going through, she was afraid that could take a week or more. I groaned thinking about going for a week or more without a/c, although I understood why they couldn’t do the installation while laying in a puddle of water.



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