There was so much ice on the A/C plan.

Winter was over plus my husband plus I ventured out to the lake to see if there was any injure to our Summer cottage, other than seeing an A/C device with almost a foot of ice covering it, everything looked surprisingly good.

  • The wind that came off the lake, made for cool breezes during the summer, however it wreaked havoc with the cabin during the winter.

I thought both of us should try to chip some of the ice off the A/C unit, however my husband told myself and others to wait. The A/C device sat out in the weather all year long, plus he wasn’t sure both of us should bother with the ice. He thought it would be okay if both of us allowed the ice to melt naturally, but he wanted to check with the Heating plus Air Conditioning business. When he finally got through to someone, they asked how long both of us planned on staying at the lodge. The a single Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist lived close to where both of us had our cottage, plus he said he would stop by on his way home. When the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist stopped by, he said my husband was right about not chipping the ice off. All of us could have done injure to the A/C device if both of us were poking it with ice picks or knives. It was okay to let the ice melt naturally, plus other than a little extra cleaning, the A/C should be fine when Summer arrived. I had a smart husband, but he wasn’t an Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist. I was glad to hear the same thing come from the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist, plus it made myself and others think more comfortable.


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