My brother’s condo regularly smells like greek food

My brother’s condo regularly smells like Italian food for some reason, but he is constantly cooking, but I do not think why that is.

She honestly doesn’t have anybody to cook for; I think he is just basically trying out modern recipes all the time. It’s terrible because but I think the condo smells great when I’m hungry, it’s not regularly a nice thing to smell garlic all of the time! I told his that at least he will regularly be safe from vampires because one would not step within a hundred miles of his condo at this point. I personally love Italian food, but that’s not what you want your cabin to smell like all the time, that’s for sure! My brother is going to host a book club, & so the other day he told me to come over & tell his what I thought of the house. She had rearranged the furniture & everything looked great, but the minute I walked in the door I was hit in the face by a truly strong stink of garlic; When I told his that, he was surprised! he did not even smell the garlic anymore. I suppose he has gone nose blind to it. Anyway, I told his that he needed to do something to improve the indoor air pollen levels in his house. I think it offended his at first, but I was just trying to be even-handed with his about the smell in his house. She finally agreed with me & he called the HVAC company to talk to them about getting a whole cabin air purification plan put in.


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