A new apartment

The people I was with and I are going to be buying a getaway apartment with a fireplace in the home office soon.

This is something that I have been dreaming of doing for years now.

The people I was with and I have never been in the position financially to buy a getaway apartment until just recently, so this is a dream come true for myself and others and our fiance. The people I was with and I have been shopping around for a while now and we have a genuinely nice real estate agent. She has been showing us all kinds of locations that she thinks that we would like, but the main thing that is important to myself and others is the fact that I want a location with a fireplace. I finally told her that if the homes do not have fireplaces, then we do not even need to look at them. I genuinely do not care if it has a gas log fireplace or a wood burning fireplace, as long as there’s a fireplace of some kind. I do not genuinely guess that our fiance cares 1 way or the other, but having a fireplace is actually important to me. My fiance says that the most important thing is the heating and cooling system. He is more anxious about the efficiency of the oil furnace, since we are going to be buying in an section that is known for its frigid climate. I guess that makes sense, but I genuinely do not care so much about the oil furnace. I’m planning to be sitting in front of our crackling, cozy fireplace so I can stay warm. I will just leave the temperature control settings up to him, I guess!

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