My husband is taking over the HVAC company

Now, dad was talking about leaving him in charge of the HVAC company.

Dad and I are quite close, and he has always been able to speak to me about anything happening in his life. When he asked me for lunch about 6 months ago, I thought we were just going to have a lovely chat. We talk about everything and anything under the sun. Being so honest and open with my dad has always helped me figure out my life. He is the one who actually encouraged me to be with my partner when I wasn’t sure about my decision. Dad has serious instincts that he says have guided him through life. I got ready and we met up at our favorite restaurant in the city. He was looking sharp as usual, and had already picked a table by the time I arrived. After placing our orders, dad started speaking about the HVAC company. This is a business that he started decades ago and has been working to build for so long. Now that he is in his 60s, dad has been thinking about the future of the HVAC company. My partner has been working for him for almost 15 years. In fact, we met when I went to see my dad one day and hit it off. Now, dad was talking about leaving him in charge of the HVAC company. I knew my dad loved my partner, but I never thought he’d pick him to be in charge of the business when he retired. That was so amazing since my partner really loves and dedicates himself to the business. In dad’s mind, my partner would keep the business in the family, and perhaps one day pass it on to one of our kids.

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