The kids play area was perfect with the new heat pump

Living in an apartment in the city was so much fun after graduating from university. I first lived with 2 roommates, and then proceeded to get a place of my own. After 5 years, I met and moved in with my partner since we wanted to live together. We got married two years after meeting and began talking about getting a place with a backyard. It seems the universe was listening to our conversation because he happened to inherit this house from his aunt. She had raised him and always considered him as her son. So it wasn’t a surprise when she left him at the house. My partner and I decided that was the best place to raise kids and renovated it before moving in. It’s been 5 years now and we have two young ones who love the massive backyard. The other day my partner completed building them this amazing playhouse, and even set up a heat pump in it. The kids had been desiring a tree house, but there weren’t any trees strong enough to hold one. So, instead, he built a small modern shed, and included a heat pump in it. Now, the space feels amazing and comfortable no matter the season. Ductless heat pumps are a delight since you don’t need to use any ductwork to keep your space comfortable. All you do is follow the installation instructions, and turn it on. The ductless heat pump keeps the kids’ play house lovely and warm in winter, and cool and calm in the heat of summer. I even escape and spend time there when I need some time alone.

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