Are you sure this is an HVAC system?

I was working with my brother last year, when we were called to an old house to make repairs to their HVAC system.

We didn’t know anyone lived in that house, and thought they had abandoned it years ago.

We used to throw rocks at the windows when we were kids. I gave no thought to how the windows got repaired, but someone had done it. My brother told me to put on my big boy HVAC uniform and go with him. He wasn’t sure what we would encounter, but if it was a huge repair, it would need two HVAC technicians. When we got to the house, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen opened the door. She invited us in and told us her grandparents owned the house, but they had recently put them in a nursing home. She wanted to have the HVAC system repaired or replaced. When we got into the basement, she showed us the HVAC system. We looked at each other, and I asked my brother if he was sure this was an HVAC system? He shrugged and said he did not know, but if it was an HVAC system, it was unlike anything he had ever seen before. I worried about how we were going to repair or replace this old relic, but my brother told me not to worry. At the very worst, we could disassemble the old furnace and replace it with a new one. There was no air conditioning, so installing new air conditioning was going to be a simple task, as long as the ductwork was in good shape. If not, then we could install ductless. HVAC.

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