Everyone sets their thermostat differently

I can’t believe she doesn’t use HVAC just to save money

It is amazing how differently everyone gets their thermostat. I figured as humans we would all be comfortable around the same temperature. As I started going to friend’s homes I realized that nobody was the same. I have a buddy Tom that loves to be cold. His house is always like an ice chest. He must set his thermostat to 69 degrees. It is freezing cold there. He also likes to close all the blinds and keep it dark. That makes it feel even colder. Regardless of the time of year, I treat his house like a movie theater. I bring a jacket and long pants when I know I will be hanging out with him. There is no chance of going outside. He likes to stay in his house with the air conditioner cranked. My other friend Mary is really cheap. Since we live down south that means her home is quite hot. In the summer she has to run her cooling system, but doesn’t set it very low. She has her home thermostat set to around 78 degrees in order to save money. I just sweat to death the whole time I am around her. I need to be careful though. I hung out with her in the winter and realized that she didn’t turn on her heater. So her house was freezing cold. I can’t believe she doesn’t use HVAC just to save money. For me I like to keep an honest 74 degrees no matter the season or time of year. That is my ideal temperature.



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