I tried to tell him it was the HVAC technician.

I went up to a house last week and rang the doorbell.

  • They had one of these ring doorbells that allowed the homeowner to see who was at the door.

I tried to show him my ID badge, but he couldn’t see it. I tried to tell him it was the HVAC technician, but he couldn’t understand what I was saying. I called the HVAC company and asked for the customer’s phone number. I sat in the service van and called the customer. When I told the customer I was sitting in the service van outside the house, he wanted to know why I hadn’t rung the doorbell. When I told him I had and what had happened, he told me to come to the door. He was waiting inside, and I showed him my ID badge and asked if I could come in. He apologized and said he couldn’t hear me without a lot of static and the camera wasn’t very good either. I went into the house, and he showed me to the furnace room. When I made the repairs to the furnace, I went upstairs to tell him about the furnace. Instead of discussing the bill, we were discussing his new security system. He told me not to buy a cheap one like he had, because it didn’t work nearly as well as what he thought it would. I knew what not to buy, and now I had to figure out what to buy. I realized I had been done with the furnace for almost an hour, and I still hadn’t discussed the HVAC bill with him.