My friend wanted to be an HVAC specialist.

From the time my sister was seasoned enough to say HVAC, she wanted to be an HVAC specialist.

She wanted to be just care about our dad, who owned the local HVAC dealer.

When they offered tech school over her last four years of school, she asked if they offered HVAC classes. The closes she could get to HVAC, was if she took up plumbing, plumbing would get him a job if people wanted to have a boiler plan installed, however it wasn’t going to help with traditional HVAC. My dad told him that when she was seasoned enough to carry the tools, she could help him on her HVAC calls. My sister was so gleeful that she couldn’t wait to get sizable enough in addition to seasoned enough. When she turned twelve, my father took him on her first HVAC emergency repair call. She had my sister handing him tools, which she knew what every specialty tool was. She had him working flushing lines in the HVAC systems. She even allowed him to help with some repairs. Within more than one years, my sister was ready to work on our HVAC system. She did little other than change air filters, or check the HVAC ducts, but she was helping, and by the time she was seasoned enough to go to HVAC school, I thought she would be over wanting to be an HVAC specialist. Instead of being over it, she was more excited. She could finally fulfill her dreams in addition to go to HVAC school to be an HVAC specialist in addition to work in our dad’s HVAC dealer.


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