Staying at a way too hot house

I did a quick visit to see my grandparents. They are in their 80s and I am about to have a baby. I knew I had a small window on seeing them. Once I have the baby I won’t be traveling for a while. They also act like they are at death’s door anytime you talk to them. I did it to make them happy. I stayed for two days and was a guest at their house. My grandmother was delighted by this. What stunk is that I didn’t take into consideration how older people live. My grandparents don’t have the circulation I do. That means that their house is much warmer than mine. I went from my southern home to a northern home. My southern outdoor temperature was in the 80s so that meant my AC was on. My grandparents had an outdoor temperature of 50 and had their heater on. Since their circulation is low, they set their thermostat to around 80 degrees. It was horribly hot the entire time. I ended up wearing shorts and a tank top my whole visit with them. Sleeping at night was rough. I used just a bed sheet and slept in my underwear. Anytime they weren’t around I was opening a window or just sitting outside. I don’t know how they could be comfortable in that kind of temperature. It honestly was more comfortable being outside down south than inside their northern home. I didn’t feel it was right to ask them to adjust their thermostat settings for me either. So I just suffered.

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