They cranked their heaters for me

When I visited my parents and grandparents up north it was during the fall.

I think everyone was worried about me being comfortable.

The fall temperatures were in the 50s. I was coming from the southern heat of 90-80 degree weather with high humidity. I actually was excited to be a little cold for once. I wanted that chilly air and to be able to wear pants. When I stepped off the plane and felt that brisk air it was amazing. Well my whole family cranked their heating systems in preparation for my arrival. Every house must have set their thermostat to around 77 degrees. It was sweltering in there. The outfit I wore down south to travel ended up being all I wore for days. I had a tank top and shorts on most of my trip. I sweated to death in the evenings in bed. I also begged for everyone to turn off the heater. Nobody was happy with me going outside. Everyone was worried about me being cold. I went from heat and high humidity to just way too much heating. I ended up cracking my bedroom window and sleeping next to it for cold air. It was that hot in the house. I know they don’t set their heater like that all winter. Northerners are hardcore when it coems to heating. I think because I am southern now, they figured I would want the heating system on. Honestly I just wanted to be cold. Next time I know to visit in the summer and enjoy not needing air conditioning.

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