Time for a new thermostat

I have been thinking about getting a new thermostat.

I currently own a dial thermostat that has a big plastic toggle.

It is beige, rusted, and really old looking. I am not a fan of it. What is terrible is that my husband and I can’t read the numbers on it. I constantly am hunting for my glasses and trying to see what the hallway is set to. Our thermostat doesn’t allow any customized settings either. You can do 60, 70, 80 or 90 degrees. There isn’t much wiggle room in between that. Crazy right? My husband also happens to be the perfect height to bump that plastic toggle. He seems to constantly push the toggle upwards to 90. The house is constantly getting heated. I then notice I am sweating to death and start feeling bad for my heater. The old thermostat is costing us money in the long haul. I have looked into smart thermostats and that is just a better option for us. My husband and I then could control the heating and cooling from our phone. I could actually have a specific temperature rather than a range. Another pro is that the thermostat would learn my heating and cooling needs. I wouldn’t need to constantly hunt for my glasses to change things. The thermostat would learn what temperature I like at what time. I wouldn’t need to give any input whatsoever. It also would tell me about energy efficient settings to save money overtime. Another benefit is that I would get alerted on air filter changes and humidity levels too. Pretty neat right?


digital thermostat