I am really excited about the new HVAC system we are getting

I am really excited about the new HVAC system that we are going to be getting in a couple of weeks.

I guess that just goes to show you that when you get older, you get excited about different things than you used to! I don’t think that when I was younger I ever would have cared one bit about a new air conditioning system or a new furnace. Now, that is all that I can think about. I just can’t wait for the indoor air quality in my house to be better. We have been dealing with terrible indoor air quality for a while now, and we have been waiting for our new HVAC system to arrive. We had to order the one that we wanted, and it was on backorder for a long time. I thought that it would probably be worth it in order to get the one that we really wanted, but the HVAC company warned us that it could take the supplier a really long time to get it here. When the HVAC company called us the other day and said that it was finally here, I was so happy that I was jumping up and down! Now, I can barely contain my excitement. Even though we couldn’t get put onto the installation schedule for about another week and a half, I am still really excited about it. We now have a date set for sure, and that means that the HVAC system will be here before the month is out! I can’t wait to start breathing better, purer air!

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