Hoping to see Litecoin take off

I am hoping my 76 Litecoins will hit $1500 each and get all of the money back that I lost so that I can get some new knees.

  • I just recently started having a grinding sensation in each knee and I suppose it is because I stopped taking all of my joint supplements approximately a year ago.

Now, in a desperate attempt to save my knees, I am going to start taking the pills again to see if they help my knees become much better. My knees don’t hurt all of the time, but when I lift Heating & Air Conditioning devices or bend down to toil on an electric heat pump in a central heating and cooling device, they start to hurt pretty badly. I told my one associate about my bad luck the other day and she made a stupid joke out of it, possibly thinking that it would ease my pain or something mindless like that. My heating dealership associate understands my setback and told me that she had the same issue from bending down for long periods of time while working on electric furnaces and radiant floors. She didn’t make a joke out of it because she has a heart and a soul, unlike my other “friend” who seems to have no heart left in her miserable body. She is a heating tech and possibly she just didn’t realize how bad my knees unquestionably are. I will easily give her another opportunity when I see her today and ask her to please not joke about it anymore. We worked on cooling devices together when we were both Heating & Air Conditioning device experts.
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