I can't believe thieves tried to steal my HVAC

One of the definite reasons I moved to this neighborhood was to get out of the neighborhood and all the crime; straight out of college, I moved to the neighborhood for a task, and I was awfully smitten with the fact that I was working in an extravagant office downtown with fantastic commercial heating, ventilation and A/C and all the amenities! But I wasn’t so glad to be residing in the beach house building.

  • I was paying an advantage to rent a 1 study room apartment, but nor was I glad with the underwhelming quality heating and air of that apartment.

But it was also the feeling that I wasn’t as safe as I could be that got myself and others to move nearly another ninth out of the city. It was worth the commute for a long time, and these afternoons, I do more working remotely than I do going into the office. So that allows myself and others to be at the beach house even more. But I’m starting to guess that neighborhood crime is spilling into our town. I’m now locking down the heating, ventilation and A/C equipment outside of our home, and after a rash of burglaries on heating, ventilation and A/C cabinets outside homes; I wasn’t so sure that I wouldn’t be next. And what’s truly galling is the fact that the thieves are even stealing extravagant heating, ventilation and A/C components. Instead, they are destroying thoUSAnds of dollars in residential heating, ventilation and A/C for handfuls of copper fittings. That simply forced myself and others to order a cage that goes over the heating, ventilation and A/C cabinet and locks down to the concrete underneath; maybe it’s time to move again if that’s the way it’s going to go.


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