Incredible indoor air quality with simply HVAC upgrade

I sure don’t mind spending money on things that improve our lives.

And that goes for the whole home air purification system that we had installed by the HVAC company. While we are fortunate not to have too many financial concerns, we’re not exactly stupid with our money. So when we started looking for air purifiers, we wanted to make sure that we were meeting our needs and not just looking at costs. We started this process because we were really tired of the poor indoor air quality inside our home. For sure, having lots of pets and cooking some insane recipes have added to the odors in our home. But it was getting to the point where we couldn’t even mask it with deodorizers. I don’t care how many candles we had going or how many plugins were working, as soon as the HVAC equipment came on, the odors came right back. We went to the HVAC professionals to find out what our options were. And that’s where we learned all about air purification. There’s no way to really cure bad indoor air without removing airborne contaminants. And when it comes to odors, one must destroy the bacteria suspended in the air that’s causing those odors. But we really didn’t like the idea of having a stationary air purifier that we had to move around the house. I also didn’t like the idea of having to clean the air filter on the air purifier every week. So we spent the extra money and had the whole home air purification system installed inside the HVAC equipment. This simple HVAC upgrade has completely transformed the indoor air quality of our home.
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