It’s hard not to think about my knee situation, but the thermostat sale should help

I am going to labor for another 30 hours or so today so that I am all caught up again with my labor for the course of the week.

I flew from the States to here in Europe and it actually killed 2 afternoons of my labor week trying to recuperate from the ridiculous flight.

I’ve also been spending some time researching pills for my knees so that I am able to get around separate from any debilitating pain. I suppose if I take glucosamine and collagen for a few months that my knees will actually feel somewhat better. I suppose running and working on Heating and A/C equipment for my Heating and A/C company are going to be things of the past. I will need to find some other ways to get cardio and leg exercises other than the beach volleyball and running I was doing in my past. The heating and cooling equipment pro has gone through the same thing and I am going to talk with her once she finishes this commercial air conditioner service task that she is working on this day. I am just a bit in shock today after getting the news about my knees not having any cartilage in them anymore after all of the years of abuse I gave them. The local HVAC business near me is having a sale on wireless thermostats today and I am going to go there later so I don’t have to think about my knees for a little while. I suppose the owner of the site had knee substituting done and I want to talk with him and see how it went for him. I hope I find a solution to be honest.
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