Making plans to head back home and perhaps do HVAC work

I am going to figure out if I will transport back home to be around my buddies plus family, as I have been residing overseas for several years now plus easily feel like I have done my time here.

I have several good friends plus family members back home plus if I keep staying here a lot longer I am going to find a lot of them gone when I go back eventually. My mother is getting up there in age plus I would like to be around her more before she gets too outdated to fully enjoy life. Her electric furnace broke down last time I was there plus I actually want to get a new gas furnace for her instead, as a gift of thanks. I guess that she would be so glad if I told her that I was moving back plus I guess that could be a deciding factor as to whether I do it or not to be honest. I could help my HVAC rep pal with hydronic heating sales at her local contractor plus entirely make some good money doing so. I will still do some work online although I will need to make extra money if I plan on going back to the States to live fulltime. I actually know quite a bit about the new HVAC technology plus would entirely be able to work for a local business in the area if I actually wanted to. I just don’t want to be laboring 50 hours a week to get by, as it seems to be fancy to live there nowadays.

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