Not sure if I want to leave my HVAC work behind me

I will be entirely finished with my workday by 2:30pm today and am planning on taking my beach chair to the beach for some needed relaxation.

I am going to train a bit with a pretty good pal of mine at 5pm and then am meeting yet another friend for a sunset beer and a chat on a bench overlooking the sea.

I have the desire to talk about my plan for this coming warm season and if I should make the giant transfer back home to be around my family members and friends. I savor living overseas though, so this is a fairly giant decision. My Heating and A/C business here gives me a good amount of work doing ductless mini split a/c equipment replacements, and they would not be so happy if I told them I was going to be leaving soon. I suppose I just need to let it play out and see where the future actually takes me. I still have some unfinished business here overseas and don’t have the wish to tell the heating company anything just yet. I will talk with my really good friend later and see if she has any fantastic advice for me about my particular dilemma. This week we are going to be doing a heating tune up for a commercial Heating and A/C machine and after that I will be doing some heating maintenance for a couple in a flat near my actual residence. I just hope my knees are fine to do the work because they have been hurting over the past few months. I will go talk to the Heating and A/C equipment repairman later this week to see if he has some additional air filters.

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