My air conditioner was blasted by a bolt of lightning

It’s easily moderate and wet outside these mornings! However, that is officially how summers go in this region; Scarcely an day goes by separate from a abrupt and violent thunderstorm rolling up and dumping rain and lightning. Afternoons like that make me a little nervous, because I had an experience a couple years ago that left our heating and air conditioner completely fried! The sad thing is, I had easily heard long before our air conditioner plan was struck by lightning that it was a pretty good plan to turn off the air conditioner during a violent electrical storm. I guess I just decided to play the game of odds, because admittedly, they are in your favor when it comes to lightning strikes, despite the fact that I lost! My lake house took a hit from a lightning bolt when everyone was lake lake house 1 Monday day. The bolt struck the outside components of our air conditioner and every component that had to do with electricity was completely fried; Plugs were even melted. The air conditioner plan was not salvageable after that and it ended up costing us quite the exorbitant amount of currency to get a new Heating and Air Conditioning system. Almost instantly after that, all of us ended up installing a lightning rod on our lake house to try and mitigate any future strikes! So that is why our advice to any air conditioner plan owner is to simply shut off the AC during a awful storm; Keep it off for at least the duration of the most intense lightning, you’ll be thrilled that you did.

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