I improperly installed an ac filter plus it fell off

I recently made quite a immense mistake.

The concern was that I did not suppose about the mistake until a long time later, however i assume that making this mistake has taught myself and others to kind of check around the home a little more frequently to see that everything is in order, but what I’m referring to is that I went into my Heating plus Air Conditioning closet on a whim last night to sort of check on things.

I truly wanted to see how dirty my air filter was at that point. What I discovered freaked myself and others out plus made myself and others recognize rather dumb, but apparently, I had not installed the air filter properly. It was lying on the floor just below the Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. I had stuck it in wrong plus it ended up being blown off. This was certainly distressing because I hadn’t tested on that air filter in a few weeks! I had been running my heating, ventilation, plus A/C method without an air filter for who knows how long at that point. It may have even been as long as the same day that I improperly installed it! I don’t seem to be experiencing any noticeable problems with my air conditioning or furnace though. I’m using both these mornings because it’s December in the South, plus that means that sizzling mornings plus cold mornings come at the roll of the dice. I well plus really hope that I did not do extensive or irreparable mangle to my heating, ventilation, plus A/C! I have constantly heard that it is a really risky plus damaging thing to run an Heating plus Air Conditioning method without an air filter for any length of time.
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