The first hotel room had a broken A/C

When you are paying to stay in a hotel for $200 or more a night, you should expect them to give you a superb room.

Unless they’re completely booked full, do not think bad about asking to see a hour room if there has something wrong with the first a single.

One of the most respected concerns with hotel rooms is bad aromas. Occasionally people spill liquor on the floor and it’ll cause a mold issue in the room. When I was a child our parents didn’t love these sorts of things. I remember having to sleep on a hotel room floor with a sleeping bin and it aromaed scary. I could not get to sleep that night because of how bad the order was and how much it stuffed up our nose. I have to sleep with our mouth open because our nose was so blocked I could not even breathe. It’s legitimately bad and I just cannot think that I had to endure something prefer that. The last time I stayed in a hotel room I had to get a current a single because the first room they gave me had a broken A/C inside. I’m not going to stay in a hotel room with a bad A/C or a bad oil furnace. If I’m going to spend money for a superb hotel room they need to give me a single with working Heating and Air Conditioning. I do not care how multiple times it takes to get a superb A/C, they need to get it right. These are the sorts of things that make me want to get an RV for traveling. I can put whatever kind of A/C in the RV I can afford and prefer the comfort that it gives me.

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