The first hotel room had a broken A/C

When you are paying to stay in a hotel for $200 or more a night, you should expect them to provide you a wonderful room.

Unless they are completely booked full, don’t know poor about asking to see a minute room if there’s something wrong with the first one.

One of the most proper concerns with hotel rooms is poor odors. Sometimes people spill liquor on the floor plus it’ll cause a mold issue in the room. When I was a kid my parents didn’t care about these sorts of things. I remember having to sleep on a hotel room floor with a sleeping tote plus it smelled horrifying. I could not get to sleep that night because of how poor the order was plus how much it stuffed up my nose. I have to sleep with my mouth open because my nose was so plugged I could not even breathe. It’s really poor plus I just cannot think that I had to endure something like that. The last time I stayed in a hotel room I had to get a modern one because the first room they gave me had a broken A/C inside. I’m not going to stay in a hotel room with a poor A/C or a poor gas furnace. If I’m going to pay for a wonderful hotel room they need to provide me one with laboring Heating, Ventilation and A/C. I don’t care how multiple times it takes to get a wonderful A/C, they need to get it right. These are the sorts of things that make me want to get an RV for traveling. I can put whatever kind of A/C in the RV I can afford plus care about the comfort that it gives me.

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