I was anxiously waiting to hear about our AC

Friday night the air conditioner stopped working in our apartment.

It was 86° at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Thank goodness I have a couple of fans, because I might have died of heat stroke that night. I called the emergency maintenance hotline. I thought it was an emergency because the air conditioner wasn’t working, however they didn’t think so. The emergency maintenance supervisor told myself and others that I would have to wait until the next afternoon to have the air conditioner fixed. I had to labor the next afternoon, however I stopped at the office in the afternoon to talk to the manager, and she told myself and others that someone would call myself and others as soon as they found out what was wrong with the AC plus had the concern fixed. I spent most of the afternoon anxiously waiting to hear about our AC. I couldn’t think about anything at labor plus I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing. My boss asked myself and others if I had something on our mind plus I told him that the air conditioner in our apartment was broken plus I didn’t sleep legitimately well, then she told myself and others that I could go out to our motorcar at lunch plus take a nap. My boss even told myself and others that I could take an hour instead of 30 minutes. She was being extra nice for some reason plus that made myself and others think a little suspicious. I think she was entirely just being nice, however now I am on guard. The apartment manager never called myself and others with an update, however the air conditioner was fixed when I got home.
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