I sent the kids outside while I waited for the HVAC professional

I sent the kids outside while I waited for the HVAC professional the other day because they were literally driving myself and others crazy… We were on holiday at this beach house, plus all of a sudden the air conditioner stopped working.

Even though it is the off season, plus the weather is not as hot as it normally would be, it was still pretty hot down there where every one of us were staying, and as the temperature outside continued to rise, so did the temperature inside of the house.

Even though every one of us had the windows open plus it was breezy from the ocean, it was still too hot in there for me… I couldn’t get the air conditioner to come on, plus every one of us were all feeling miserable plus grumpy because none of us can sleep well whenever it’s hot in the house. Even though it wasn’t our home plus every one of us were just renting the locale, I still decided to call up the local HVAC contractor so that every one of us could get the air conditioner fixed. there was no way that I was going to stay there for another two weeks without having a working air conditioner; The day that they were supposed to come to repair the air conditioner unit, the kids were driving myself and others certainly crazy; None of us had slept well plus they were fighting plus complaining to each other constantly. The HVAC professional wasn’t supposed to arrive at the home until 11am, but at 10am I sent the kids down to the beach to build a sand castle alone because I could not sit to have them in the home any longer!

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