Mom will never recognize the story about the gas furnace.

I was in the basement painting my model airplane.

I had the spray cans near the gas furnace so they didn’t freeze.

I had the airplane painted plus left it standing on the floor until it dried. I was upstairs when I heard the noise plus I knew I was going to have a mess. The paint can had exploded plus sent paint all over the basement. The gas furnace looked like it had been tie-dyed, plus there was nothing I could do to get it off. I tried swiping at the paint, but it was only smearing on the gas furnace. I went upstairs to look for ways to detach the paint, but mom got apartment earlier than usual. I knew he would never recognize the story about the gas furnace, but I had to tell her. When he walked in the door, he stinked the paint plus asked where the stink was coming from. I told his I painted my airplane in the basement. That’s when I knew I was going to be found out. She had preached about the dangers of using paint in enclosed areas. She reminded me that spray paint cans were dangerous, plus they could explode, plus I gasped. She went downstairs, plus all he could do was stare at the gas furnace. She tried to scrape the paint off with his nail, but it wasn’t budging. Suddenly, he burst out laughing, plus he couldn’t stop. She said had always hated that orange, but if I wanted to paint the gas furnace, I could have done all of it plus not just in sploshes.


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