My dentist told me to get an whole-house air purifier.

Twice a year I need to go to the allergist & get a shot for my pollen irritations, then last year, my dentist gave me a peculiar category of prescription, then my pollen irritations were worsening, & he wanted me to see a pulmonologist.

I was having asthma attacks when my pollen irritations were kicking in, then he told me that unless I wanted to continue to get worse; I needed more than a portable air purification unit.

I needed a whole-condo whole-house air purifier. He gave me a prescription for the whole-condo whole-house air purifier. He explained that with a prescription, my insurance may pay for a area of or all of the cost to have the air purification installed. I called our local HVAC dealer & asked if they ever heard of this, they put the billing department on the line, & I asked her about going through the insurance dealer, she told me she had to look into it. Two thirds later, the HVAC dealer called back. She wanted me to take a picture of the prescription & she would call my insurance dealer. The next day, the HVAC dealer called again. They had gotten information for me. The insurance dealer would pay for the device & half of the installation cost. She was going to send an HVAC dealer to the loft to make sure my HVAC device was compatible with a whole-condo whole-house air purifier, however within a week, I was breathing easier, & I hadn’t had an asthma attack. The HVAC dealer adjusted my bill accordingly, & I owed them less than $200 for the whole-house air purifier.


a/c repairman