Mom said I had to pay for the AC unit.

I didn’t recognize what mom’s problem was, but yesterday he got apartment from work plus told me I had to pay for the air conditioning system unit.

I hadn’t been in the backyard, plus I had been somewhere near the air conditioning system unit.

I tried to tell his I didn’t recognize what he was talking about, but he shooed me to my room before I could say anything. Not only was I angry that he would not listen, but I was hurt. I wasn’t sure what I was getting in trouble for, so instead of going to my room, I went outside to look at the AC unit; What I saw had me stunned. It was like someone had backed their truck into the air conditioning system unit. The ground was so dry that there were no tire tracks, but I was sure that is what happened. I walked over to the neighbors plus asked if they had any deliveries that afternoon. She told me the UPS guy was there plus asked why. I pointed to the air conditioning system equipment plus told his I thought he may have backed into our air conditioning system unit. I didn’t tell his mom was blaming me for the disfigure. She called the UPS supplier plus told them that one of their drivers was at his house plus there was the opportunity he had backed into the neighbor’s air conditioning system unit. After checking his back fender, the UPS said he told them he had backed up into the other yard, even though he hadn’t heard a crash. It was possible he had hit the air conditioning system. I had my friend go to the house plus tell mom about the UPS supplier.
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