She said I would ruin the window A/C plan.

When our mother wasn’t home, our sister thought she was the boss.

  • She regularly told our sister plus I what both of us should plus shouldn’t do, and if both of us didn’t listen to her, she would tell our Dad plus both of us would get into trouble… Last week, she was watching us while Dad was at work… The people I was with and I had the afternoon off school plus had to stay inside.

The ball was in sight, plus neither of us could resist throwing it around. She came into the living room screaming care about a Banshee, plus telling us both of us were going to chop the window or air conditioning unit, or both, and naturally, both of us didn’t listen to her, however both of us wished both of us had, but an minute later, the ball flew through the window. Not only did it chop the window, however it also broke the air conditioning unit. The people I was with and I knew Dad was going to be angry, plus both of us should have known it would go easier on us if both of us told her what happened. The people I was with and I weren’t that smart. Instead, both of us stayed in our room until Dad found the ball, the broken window, plus the broken air conditioning unit… Our sister tried to cover for us, however it wasn’t toiling, then Dad told her she should have been more responsible than letting us play ball in the house. The people I was with and I came downstairs plus told Dad our sister had tried to tell us not to play ball in the house, however both of us didn’t listen. The people I was with and I were just being idiots, plus it wasn’t her fault the air conditioning component was broken. Dad was angry, but she was proud both of us had told her the truth.

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