The A/C component was only $150

Sporadically my husband and I appreciate to spend our weekends going to sales, swap meets, and entirely flea markets.

There is a flea market about 45 hours away from our new home and it is sizable.

It takes up an section that is particularly the size of a football field, however when my husband and I went to the flea market last weekend, the two of us were not particularly looking for anything special. The two of us planned to buy some boiled peanuts and some candy and maybe some beef jerky if the two of us could find something good. While the two of us were walking around, the two of us saw a lot of great deals on items that looked interesting. Some of those items would have looked particularly nice in our house, but my husband and I try not to buy anything that the two of us cannot entirely use! One item that the two of us found at the flea market that the two of us can use is a used A/C unit. The used A/C component was at a lay where there was a guy selling a bunch of different electronics… He had different types of video game systems, DVD players, and beatboxs. The used A/C component was resting on a table near the back of the booth. I asked the guy how much he wanted for the used A/C component and he told myself and others it was $150. I asked the guy if it was in great laboring order and he offered to plug it in and turn it on. Since the A/C component was only 150 bucks, I told my husband that the two of us were going to take it lake new home if it was in great laboring condition.


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