How funny would it be if the HVAC technician got lost?

I knew it was normal to be given a three-hour window of arrival for any repairman. It didn’t surprise me when the HVAC company also gave me a three-hour window for arrival. When the three hours passed, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to shake my head and laugh, or get concerned. It wasn’t like the HVAC technician was coming to take care of an emergency. My furnace was working okay, but the airflow wasn’t what it should be. I was sure that all I needed was to have the ductwork cleaned, but I had to have the HVAC technician tell me that. I wanted nothing seriously wrong with the furnace while I was playing with the ductwork cleaning. When another hour went by, I called the HVAC company. I had a recurring thought going through my head. How funny would it be if the HVAC technician got lost? When the secretary go on the phone, she asked my name and address, and told me the HVAC technician should already be here. After explaining he was already five hours late, she said she would check. When she asked for my name and address a second time, I had a feeling something was wrong. She told me he was at the right address, but it was the wrong side of town. They hadn’t put north or south in front of the street address, and he had gone to the address closest to the HVAC company. I could not contain my laughter. An hour later, the HVAC technician was knocking on my door.