I did not get our direct cash set up properly

I started laboring for a brand new heating and a/c plan repair supplier about a month ago. When I went to speak with the owner of the supplier about the job, she told me to fill out our direct deposit information abruptly so I could get the deposit set up, she hired a new girl a couple of weeks before me and that girl still was waiting to get the direct deposit set up. I was hired the same afternoon that I had the interview and the next afternoon I went to the heating and a/c plan repair corporation to fill out all of the necessary paperwork for our new job, however one of the pieces of paper was the information for our direct deposit. I filled out all of the numbers, but I forgot to put the last more than seven at the end. When the first Wednesday arrived, I expected to get a paper check in the mail. I was hoping that it would arrive on Wednesday, but I did not get it until the following Monday afternoon. I was absolutely upset, but our boss assured me that the direct deposit paperwork would easily be fine the next weekend I would start getting our tax deposited into our bank account. On the following Wednesday, I still did not have the direct deposit set up. My boss said that she would call the supplier that handles all of the payroll for the heating and a/c plan repair business. That’s when I found out that I forgot to add a number to the checking account.

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