The HVAC expert was an excellent musician

I’ve known Ted since I was 19.

  • We went to the same technical college and became good friends.

Ted was there training to become an HVAC expert, and I was taking a plumbing course. Life in college was good, and we got to have lots of fun. We also didn’t have the stress of student loans, so we opted to work and earn money for clothes, shoes and such stuff. We each got part time jobs at companies that would later hire us as experts. Now, Ted works as an HVAC expert, but did you know that he is also an excellent musician? I remember there was a talent contest at school to raise money for a local organization. Ted put down his name as one of the performers and he came on stage with his guitar. Little did I know that he was about to sing the best song ever, and he also had excellent guitar skills. He uses music as his therapy, and it has always worked for him. I’ve tried learning to play the guitar from him, but it’s not the same. I think my talent is in sports and not in playing instruments. But, I still love going to listen to Ted play after work when we go to the beach. In our home town, there is a place where performers gather each evening and play tunes until late. We meet up there when Ted is done with his HVAC work and I with my plumbing duties. Perhaps in another life Ted can be a top performing artist, but for now he says he is happy working as an HVAC expert. And he still gets to perform and inspire people.

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