They moved into the house with the noisy AC

I’ve lived in this neighborhood for many years, and seen many different people move in and out. Some seem to not want to live in a place with many kids, while others are looking for such a community. It’s always the empty nesters who sell and choose to live in places with a quieter environment. They often sell to new families starting out and they have a kid or two, and want a family home. We live in a great area, and the school district is one of the best in the state. So, families are always looking for houses for sale so they can move in. Last week, the house that’s two houses from ours sold and a family with 2 small kids moved in. I know this as the house with the noisy AC that an old couple were living in. They were the sweetest people, but there always seemed to be an issue with their AC. It made this loud noise that we could hear from our kitchen. Several times we saw the HVAC van outside and thought they were getting it fixed. But, it seems they chose to sell the house instead. That is when the noisy AC stopped. The new neighbors called in an HVAC professional to inspect the unit and he told them it was better to replace it. Come to find out this AC was more than a decade and a half old and on its last leg. That explained why it was always noisy and it seems repairs did nothing to fix the noise.